Personal Work | Altadena Portrait Photographer

A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to take a 10 day class with CJ Nicolai.  Titled “Facing Your Fears,” the class truly empowered me to examine what limits me and scares me as well as drives me and inspires me as an artist.  I dug deep and, as a result, created some images that made my spirit sing.  I haven’t been creating as much personal art as I used to for various reasons, but these images reminded me that, often, my photography is where I meet my Creator.  I seek calm in my unknowing.  I find tranquility in my challenges.   Before my God, I am truly me.

I may take more photos on my camera phone these days…my Instagram is much more active than my blog…and that is okay.  I’ve discovered that I’m never going to be one to go after that picture perfect, planned-out portrait of my son.  I want to photograph him in all his spontaneous  boyness.  I seek beautiful light.  I seek emotion.  I seek Love in my photographs.  It’s in the quiet moments…it’s in the in-between…that I come to find myself.  It’s in the joy of my everyday, normal, toys-strewn-all-over-the-floor life that I create art.

I want my client images to hold more emotion and more truth.  My style is gentle, joyful, serene.  Neutral colors seem to emerge again and again in my portfolio.  Warmth is healing.  Light is essential.  Emotion is key.

Since the class ended, I’ve been reflecting on a few personal projects that will really speak to who I am as an artist as well as marry my passion for my faith with my photography.  I’m holding my thoughts on these close to my heart for now, but I hope if and when these dreams are born into reality, you’ll still be here to see them.

For now, here are two self-portraits I took during the class. I’ve recently gifted myself a journaling Bible.  So many of the pages are blank, just waiting to be filled.  I think life is much the same…there are so many beautiful moments yet to come.  I dream and I love and I live.


Thank you for letting me share a bit of my personal art and my thoughts with you!