What I Learned This Summer

A blogger I recently discovered (and now like to follow!) wrote about “Things I’ve Learned This Summer (So Far)” back in July.  She shared lessons she had learned about herself, her life, her family…it was both introspective and fun.

More than anything I loved the idea of just reflecting on the big and little things in life in a more intentional way…a little personal retreat that can take place in my living room with a cup of coffee in hand.  I’m hoping to start doing this at the end of every season.


Personal prayer is so important for me.

I’ll admit, during the past year, finding time for personal prayer has be so difficult for me.  As soon as I’d find 5 minutes, I’d hear a hungry cry or the laundry would need switching or I would just simply shut my eyes and fall asleep instead.  Transitioning to life as a stay-at-home mom has been awesome but has definitely challenged me in my faith.  I’ve done my best to fill the walls of our house with prayerful reminders for me to set my eyes on God, to bring Love to our home, to remember what is most important.  (I’m hoping to share more about that in another post.)  This summer, as I mentioned here, I explored a new way of praying, and I loved it.  It’s so good to connect with the One who breathes such goodness into my life.  I feel rejuvenated, grounded, and alive.  I’ve no doubt that I’ll continue to struggle with prayer (who doesn’t?), but I do hope to continue to embrace my struggle and seek God everyday in some way, shape, or form.


I miss the golden hour.

The little man’s bedtime is often during or after the golden hour.  When we lived in Billings (before the little man was born), I used to sneak out quite often to take pictures in that dreamy sunset light.  It’s most definitely a part of my photographic style.  I miss it.  And yet, so many evenings, I feel that golden light shining into the walls of our home, and I’m reminded that home is where the magic happens.  With my family is where I experience the most light.  I know I can still sneak out here and there, and, in several years, we’ll be able to enjoy the golden hour as a family, but for now, I’ll find contentment letting the joy of watching the sunrise every morning feed my spirit.


I’m slowly becoming a morning person.

Sunrises are glorious, too.  We’re usually up sometime in the 5am hour.  Early, I know.  But, I love having the few extra hours to enjoy the day.  I never thought I’d grow so accustomed to waking up early, but I suppose that’s a gift that comes with parenthood.


If I could spend all day every single day with my little family, I would do so in a heartbeat.

I know not everyone can do this or say this about their husbands or wives and children, but for me it is 100% true.  We are a team, and a good one at that.  We have our faults; we annoy one another; we seek quiet time during the day.  But…in spite of all of that, I love these long summer days spent together…my family of three.  They strengthen me.  They help me find beauty in our ordinary everyday.  They make me want to be a better person.  I love them.


I’m going to cry the day we finally have to cut the little man’s hair.

It’s so adorable.  And curly.  And unruly.  It’s everything little boy hair should be.  I can’t bring myself to cut it.  His bangs are growing well into his eyes and we fight the tangle battle with every bath.  But still.  It’s just so cute.  I’ve got to let it stick around for a little while.


Dirty feet are the sign of a well-spent day.

It’s true.  Growing up, my brothers, sister, and I would spend hours at a time digging in our “construction site” which was really just a large patch of dirt that had been a garden in a past lifetime.  I’m so grateful to my parents for letting us play, explore…plain and simple, get dirty.  Our imaginations grew tenfold, I’ve no doubt.  I want this for my son.  I want him to come inside at the end of a long afternoon of climbing trees to seek a higher vantage point of his kingdom, running through the grass to catch the robbers, and building castles out of sticks and mud in an old garden plot.  I want him to know the Earth and to know the One who made it.  I want him to learn about the world around him using his hands and his feet and his imagination.  I can’t imagine a better way.

What a gift it was to type all that out!  Thank you for reading it!  Or at least enjoying the photos…just a few from our time in Montana!

May your day be filled with love!