It All Makes Sense… | Pasadena Family Photographer

I’m a firm believer in consistently reflecting on my experiences in life. I love seeing how the twists and turns of the paths I’ve walked have brought me to where I am right this moment.

Just the other day, I was pondering how my many diverse experiences before becoming a photographer empower me in my art today.  I hadn’t really intentionally thought about how my jobs as a campus minister and a chaplain, my passion for volunteering, and even my vocation as a wife and mother affect my ability to be a photographer.

But after thinking about it…it all makes beautiful sense.

CalvinJamesBW (33 of 68)

Studying as a graduate student taught me the value of perseverance…long days and nights of research and paper writing encouraged me to pay attention to detail and to constantly give 110% to whatever I’m doing.

Krueger Family (15 of 46)
Volunteering on service trips to Jamaica and Mexico taught me how to witness the beauty around me throughout the world…not just in exotic scenery, but in the depths of the human heart.
Wycoff Francis (15 of 58)
Interning as a chaplain at a large inner city hospital taught me how to interact with people of all races, ages, and social classes, to listen to the uniqueness of each of their stories, and to be present to the deepest needs of their souls.
Pearce Family (1 of 32)
Starting a college campus ministry program taught me the nuts and bolts of building an organization from the ground up.
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Directing high school and college leadership retreats taught me to seek and appreciate the gifts of those around me, and just as importantly, to fully utilize the gifts I bring to the world.
Ritter Family (31 of 48)
Being a wife and a mama teaches me to seek the extraordinary in the everyday…humility in the knowledge that I so often don’t know what I’m doing…forgiveness when I hurt those I love most…humor in the midst of explosive diapers and never ending episodes of Elmo’s world…and love in the beautiful faces of my husband and children who love me just the way I am.
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I value the artistry of your human spirit.
I want to hear the story that you have to tell.
I will be present to the unique details of your togetherness.
I want to photograph all of it…all of your radiant messy love.
FergusonDec16 (13 of 82)
Allow me the honor of photographing your beautiful life.
I want to capture your Big Sky Love.
XO, Mary