A Day in the Life

Last week, Greg and I headed up to Red Lodge for a quick day trip. Red Lodge is just the perfect place to get away and we shared a lovely day together. We enjoyed a little hiking, a little fishing, and a lot of relaxing:)

I wish I could show you some amazing “I caught this huge fish!” pictures but unfortunately the only fish we caught were a few inches in length 😛 Better luck next time!

Double-fistin’ the fishing poles in that last one!


One of my neighbors has a wonderful garden. What makes this growing space so great is that it borders an old alley. Alleys always seem to be in need of a little lovin’ and this garden definitely does the trick. Whenever I take out my trash during this time of year, I enjoy peering over the chain link fence to see what colorful vegetables are popping up. I think maybe my favorite part of the garden are the sunflowers. There are about 8 or 10 of these flowers towering over the space, guarding the growth beneath their shade. It’s beautiful. And it always makes my day:)


Half a dozen. At least. That’s how many times I’ve wanted to or actually did start a blog (all of which never survived) over the past several years. When I started my volunteer program after college…when I went to grad school…when I moved to Montana…I suppose the timing had to be right because at this point in my life I feel almost compelled to do this. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s a desire to jump more deeply into some of my hobbies like photography or maybe it’s the opportunity to simply share my thoughts about this beautiful world or maybe it’s the excitement surrounding being newly married and wanting to celebrate this new journey in life.

Sentimental side note: I love my husband tremendously and over the past month that we’ve been newly married, my love for him has grown even more! He’s my soulmate, without a doubt:)

Anyway, I’m here now. And more so, I’m excited! So, friends, here we go:)