The A Family | Pasadena Family Photographer

Connection.  This is what I strive for in my images.  I’ve spent so much time over the past few years worrying about perfect focus and perfect smiles and perfect eye contact…when what makes my heart sing is…connection.  Authentic connection.  The perfection of our relationships exists when we allow our hearts to break open to and for others and celebrate the freedom in the love that brings us together.

This family…beautiful.  I have to say that a few of their images are at the very top of my new personal favorites list!  Enjoy!


11 Months | Altadena Family Photographer

My little bean,


It’s so hard to believe that you are already 11 months old.  I know I say the same thing with every monthly milestone we meet, but still..

Your daddy and I were talking about you the other night.  It’s so hard to remember life without you.  A year ago today, you were still safely growing inside me…we had yet to fully know and understand how deeply we would fall in love with you.

You’re just starting to take your first steps.  You’re determined and carefree as you love to practice walking all the time.  Truly, all the time.  You used to have to hold both my hands.  Now you only need one.  You’ve ventured out on your own for a few steps here and there, and oh how I loved that expression of pure delight that lit up your sweet little face.

Your life is going to be full of so many steps.

Steps inside and outside as you play…steps to kindergarten…steps to high school and college…steps away from home…steps to your first apartment…steps to your first job…and your second…steps toward someone whom you’ll love more than life itself…steps with your own little one as you gently rock her to sleep.

May each step you take be a step toward God.  May each step be filled with compassion and commitment and curiosity.  May each step be one of love.

Most importantly, I hope that with each step you take you know you’re not alone.  Your daddy and I will always have a hand ready for you if and when you want or need it.  Whether you stumble and trip or whether you leap for joy, we love you.

As I was nursing you tonight, I felt such an overwhelming sense of joy.  Thank you for the immense privilege of being your mom.  Thank you for teaching me so much about myself these past 11 months.  Thank you for transforming my heart.  Life is so much better with you in it.  So so so much better, huckleberry.

One more month, little man…and then?  Cake!

I love you,



Love Indeed | Pasadena, CA Engagement Photography

Way way way way waaaaay back in February, as both a thank you to my awesome supporters and as a way to spread a little love, I put out an offer for a complimentary session.  I couldn’t have been happier that these two seized the opportunity to have their Big Sky Love photographed!

A little evening light, a lot of yellow daisies, and their authentic love made for a perfect session!

I was thrilled with their photos, but even more thrilled that a few weeks after their session, they let me know that they had gotten engaged!

Love, indeed!  Congratulations again…I’m over the moon excited for you both!!!