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On Time | Our Different Sameness

My little Sonshine, I love you. Time is flying. How on earth are you already 4 months old?  I simply can’t believe it.  You look at me with those incredible eyes…you recognize me…your face erupts into the world’s largest smile.  The best! You’re napping now, but I’m smiling just thinking about your grin…your eyes…your sweet […]

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August’s Little Things | Glorious Ordinary

I’m delighted to be participating in a blog circle with some other photographers celebrating the beauty of the ordinary moments of our everyday lives.  The circle was graciously and gracefully organized by this photographer when she shared this post a few months back.  Thank you Kristin! Glorious ordinary.  It’s a beautiful philosophy to embrace not […]

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Photographs Tell Stories

This church.  That man.  His hat. Photographs tell stories. Greg and I took a little day trip a few weeks ago to San Juan Capistrano.  (Actually, that should read we tried to take a day trip to San Juan Capistrano as we spent about 30 minutes there until the little man decided, and communicated very […]

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